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At TOV Logistics, we have dedicated ourselves to simplifying the logistics processes to help you run your business more efficiently. We have five decades of experience in the logistics industry and have developed a proven method to deliver on time, every time.


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Ecommerce Fulfillment

The fast-paced world of E-Commerce is no challenge for TOV Logistics. We’ll handle all your product fulfillment needs, including pick and pack services and full case distribution. Putting your business in our hands will be one of the best and easiest decisions you’ll ever have to make. Send us your order, and we’ll take care of the details.

Our order processing offers many solutions for all our client’s unique product fulfillment needs. Specifically, our integrations with Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, and more allow us to serve clients in every industry. Our easy-to-use technology enables us to integrate with both EDI and API.



With our partnerships with the top carriers across the country, we can provide best-in-class service at competitive rates. You can rest assured that with the ever-growing expectations of the E-commerce market, our top priority is helping you scale your business. We offer overnight shipping, LTL services, small parcel, and over-the-road trucking, giving you access to all the necessary tools for your supply chain needs.
Warehousing and Distribution
Inventory Management for Small Business

Warehousing and Distribution

Are you searching for an answer to your warehousing and distribution needs? We can help. At TOV Logistics, we take a systemized, detailed approach to everything we do to serve your needs best. Our warehousing and distribution services will help your business run more efficiently, no matter how complex your logistics needs are. Our warehousing services provide you with a secure storage solution. Whether you require 10,000 square feet of warehousing or 100,000 square feet of customized space, we have a solution for you. From small parcel to pallet shipping, we efficiently distribute and transport your inventory across the country.

Product Kitting + Bundling

Create complex kits, bundles and customized product sets that are perfect for any market or customer requirements. With reduced fees, optimized dimensional weights and a sizable boost in customer AOV… you’ll have the ability to scale fast w/ rapid on-the-go adjustments at your desired pace (without tying-up inventory). Kitting fulfillment has never been easier.

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Our services include warehousing, distribution, product fulfillment, logistics, inventory management and any special projects. We are focused on sustainable logistics to serve our customers better. By choosing TOV Logistics, you can concentrate on running your business without worrying about acquiring, storing, and transporting your inventory.

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