Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution are integral parts of a business’s supply chain system. Distribution services are in charge of getting finished products to consumers and businesses that sell them.

On the other hand, warehousing means storing physical items for a certain amount of time. Warehouses provide vast storage spaces for a variety of physical goods, such as furniture, electronics, and agricultural produce.

Keep Your Inventory Safe and Secure with Our Warehousing & Distribution Solutions


At TOV Logistics, we offer warehouse and distribution services in New York and the states around it that are effective and reliable. We aim to help businesses focus on their manufacturing and production processes as we handle their logistics and distribution.

Our Services

Warehousing Services

We provide secure storage for a variety of products, from perishable goods to machinery parts. Our warehouses are big enough to hold a lot of goods because they have more than 100,000 square feet of space. We understand the unique storage needs of different types of goods.

Our warehouses are, therefore, well-equipped to securely hold goods of almost any nature.

TOV Logistics prioritizes the safety and security of our clients’ merchandise. Our staff is well trained to handle fragile items and other valuable goods. We also have tight security systems and procedures to protect goods from theft and damage.


Most successful businesses outsource distribution services to save on costs, save time, and access new markets. At TOV Logistics, we offer reliable and efficient delivery services. We want to get your products to you quickly and help you cut down on shipping costs.

Warehousing and Distribution

So, you don’t have to worry about your customers’ orders not getting to them for a few days. We offer speedy and affordable shipment and distribution to any market in the US. At our distribution centers, we also do things like package, pick, and ship as part of our warehousing and distribution operations.

Inventory Management

We offer outstanding inventory management for our clients. As an entrepreneur, you need live information on the movement of your merchandise to know where your goods are at all times. Our web-based inventory management software lets us see orders, shipments, and store stock in real time.

This fulfillment software is also easy to use and lets you keep track of where your goods are at all times.

In addition, we are timely with our delivery. We ship any orders made before 2 p.m. on the same day. We keep our inventory management simple, easy to use, and open, which is different from most warehouse and distribution companies.

Benefits of our Warehouse and Distribution Services

We Offer Fast Delivery and Shipping Services

Our distribution and delivery services are fast and highly efficient. Unlike most distributors, TOV Logistics delivers orders made before 2 p.m. on the same day. Our fast shipping services boost sales and help businesses build a good rapport with their customers.

Adequate Storage

At TOV Logistics, we have adequate storage spaces for large quantities of merchandise. Our warehouses accommodate a variety of goods from different businesses. We also offer long-term storage for items with a long shelf life.

Our long-term storage helps business owners manage risks by letting them control how much of slow-moving goods they make.

Easy-to-Use Fulfillment Software

If you are worried about losing valuable goods during shipment and storage, TOV Logistics has a solution for you. Our real-time, user-friendly fulfillment software allows entrepreneurs to track their merchandise, orders, and inventory. Monitoring your goods in real-time minimizes lost inventory and lowers stock shortages.

Our Services Increase Sales

Our fast delivery and order fulfillment services help boost sales and foster customer loyalty. Our order fulfillment saves you time and money on shipping costs and makes sure that your customers get their orders on time. Customers are drawn to businesses with quick delivery.

In addition, our expertise helps businesses find their target markets in new areas. Also, we provide other value-added services that enable us to meet customer expectations. These services help us stay on top of our competitors and retain customers.

Secure Storage

Our warehouses are equipped to store a variety of items, including perishable goods. We have structures and facilities to hold goods of any nature for long periods of time. Our employees are also trained to handle goods with care.

In addition, we have tight surveillance and security systems to keep your goods safe from theft and damage. TOV Logistics’ warehouse management team has put in place strict security measures to protect your investments.

Experience Seamless Warehousing & Distribution with TOV Logistics

Our services are meant to help businesses and online stores lower the costs of shipping, storing, and fulfilling orders. By lowering these expenses, businesses can focus on production and enjoy higher profits. At TOV Logistics, we receive, pick and pack, and deliver orders on behalf of entrepreneurs, saving them time, money, and manpower.

Warehouse and delivery services help entrepreneurs manage their workflow. If you are looking for a warehouse and distribution company that can provide fast distribution and accurate inventory management and order fulfillment, look no further than TOV Logistics.

We help businesses widen their markets while reducing their distribution costs. Our services are fast, efficient, and affordable. Contact us today for all your warehousing and distribution needs.